About Us

Making New History

Anthony "Auno" Buich wants to bring history to life in Old Town Monterey.

If there is one thing Anthony knows it’s how to enjoy life with family and friends. When the opportunity to build a business in Monterey came Anthony rose to the occasion. The Bull and Bear offers family and friends a place to enjoy a drink after work and those on family vacations.

Our history

Historic Downtown Monterey

  • Califonira Becomes a State

    When Monterey city officials welcomed California Governor Vicente de Sola in 1815, They entertained him with shows of horsemanship and a bear-and-bull fight.

  • Bull & Bear Fights

    Frenchman Jean-Nicolas Perlot, who described bear trapping in his 1897 book Vie et Aventures d’un Enfant de l’Ardenne, writes that bears were left for days in the traps without food or water, then given a salted ham and several liters of water mixed with brandy. After they passed out, they were put in a mobile cage and wheeled to town.

Our Name

Monterey Bull & Bear Fights

Legend of Augustin Escobar

The legend of bear hunter Augustin Escobar, who, according to a 1903 edition of the Overland Monthly, killed a bear in the Del Monte Forest with a knife. He later agreed to fight one in the arena.

“With only a knife, he rolled… a heavy cloak around his left arm and shoulder as a shield from the terrible claws,” journalist Richard Sandwick writes. “The crowd got the worth of their money; for not only was the bear killed, but Escobar carried to the end of his days, two ugly claw marks down face and chest that made him interesting, if not hideous.”

Meet our team

Meet Our Team and Family of Friends

Alex Buich

The man behind the scene and the vison of making Old Town Monterey a family travel.

Anthony Buich

Always working to making a fun family restaurant as an owner and manager.

Mamma Duck

Come by for Happy Hour and enjoy the serivce of our dear friend Mamma Duck.

Trevor Ferguson

Have a drink with Monterey's most beloved and seasoned bartender.

Our values

History of an American Tale

  1. After work Happy Hour

    To provide a place in history to the people of Monterey after work.

  2. Family and Friends

    Offer a Family and Friendly patio for people to enjoy on the weekends and Farmers Market.

  3. Music and Values

    Help local musicians have a place to express their talents by entertaining the people of Monterey.

Our skills

We Pride Ourselves on Service

We treat our customers like family and friends

We can’t express it enough... Family and Friends are our greatest gift.

Every day we try and offer a family friendly establishment for everyone to enjoy food and beverages after work or while on a family vacation.

Please help us provide a wounderful experinace for our locals and our tourist while enjoying the history of Old Downtown Monterey.


Some of the Reviews by Patrons

“The staff is relaxed and super-cool as always and I can't wait to make it back and try the whiskey flights.”

This place is amazing. Great prices great people and awesome fun every night!

They specialize in whiskey and have flights, tastings, and a huge selection. I tried the Sonoma Distillery Rye and it was complex and smoky like the cherry barrel it aged in.

We had a lovely meal here. Our food was delicious and our waitress was super helpful. We are visiting and recommend this establishment if you are in the area.